Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New single for Palestine aims to make it into the charts

One world, a coalition of UK artists including members of Faithless are releasing a new single entitled 'Freedom for Palestine':

The single has received an endorsement from Coldplay much to the ire of their Israeli fans. Some of the comments are - naturally - racist, others are downright idiotic:
Coldplay = Hitler lovers

'reality is Palastine is an area that was once belong to Jordan and the "palastine" people are refugees from Jordan!'

'Wtf you have millions of fans in israel and you stand with terrorists??'

'These people are TERRORISTS and they have NO RIGHT to have freedom, unless they change their ideology'
It looks like the video is going to go viral and they havent even released the single yet, they're planning to do so at the beginning of July so there is a real chance this could get into the charts.

You can pre-order the single from iTunes or from HMV. You have more than a month between now and the 3rd of July to tell your friends, family and post it all over social media. I will be following this campaign and will be updating this page. Do your part and this can happen.

UPDATE - 3rd June 2011: The video has indeed gone viral, chalking up more than 120,000 hits in less than 3 days (the video was uploaded on the 23rd but only made public 3 days ago). On another note, do not be fooled by the amount of dislikes the video has been given. It has received HUGE attention in the Israeli and pro-Israeli press, being reported in Haaretz, Yediot Ahranot, The Jerusalem Post, The Jewish Chronicle and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

Now, Glenn Beck has given the single a plug! Watch him having a nervous breakdown culminating in tears, notice the hysteria in his voice when he says this song is about 'human rights and justice for all':

He also mentions Britain2Gaza, the British contingent of the upcoming flotilla to Gaza. All this amounts to some good exposure for the One World team, increasing the chance that this may get into the charts. They have seized on the publicity granted to them by Fox News urging people to buy the single that made Glenn Beck cry! It is a mark of the righteousness of this cause that so many Israelis and supporters of occupation are barely able to contain themselves. Just remember, buy the single!

UPDATE - 13th June 2011: The link to the single on Coldplay's wall has been removed not by the British band but by Facebook:
Coldplay did not remove link from its Facebook page. Facebook removed the link because thousands of people (and computer generated posts) reported it as abusive
As further evidence that Coldplay did NOT withdraw their endorsement of the single, their tweet on their twitter account is still up.

Of course, there have been many further endorsements for this single such as from Lush, Alice Walker, Lowkey and Benjamin Zephaniah. A illuminating interview with the man behind the single Dave Randall reveals another big endorsement in the pipeline from the second most famous South African in the world (after Nelson Mandela) Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

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